Counseling Center


As a student at East Hills Academy,  your counselor is responsible for helping you with academic, career, educational, personal and social needs.  Information that you share with a counselor is by law confidential – the counselor cannot share that information without your permission with anyone else.  The only exception to this is if your health, safety or welfare or someone else’s is in danger. Counselors work with students on issues surrounding social and emotional development, and provide guidance for life-long success.  We encourage regular communication with your student’s guidance counselor to monitor progress toward graduation, post-secondary goals, and your student’s emotional health.  You may reach the counseling staff by phone (619) 656-2490, fax (619) 656-2495 or email.  Counseling services offered at East Hills  include, but are not limited to, providing:

  • All students with a 4-year plan leading to graduation & completion of A-G requirements
  • Appropriate referrals to community resources for psychological counseling and substance abuse programs
  • Information regarding tutoring & test preparation courses
  • Support groups on a variety of issues such as dealing with grief, divorce, drugs and alcohol, and sexuality.
  • Academic advising
  • Training in developing self-advocacy skills
  • Career assessments and interest inventories
  • Information on college entrance and placement exams
  • Guidance lessons on college requirements, career opportunities, decision making, financial aid & scholarships
  • Information on student grades, credits, schedules, and standardized test scores
  • Assistance in facilitating parent/teacher conferences
  • Crisis counseling
  • Assistance in taking concurrent Southwestern College courses
  • Conflict mediation
  • Access to college representatives and information on college presentations and college fairs
  • Safe and confidential atmosphere for students to share personal issues
  • Peer counseling services
  • Study team approach to research appropriate services for at-risk students
  • Information on alternative school programs
  • Assistance in obtaining and completing college applications
  • Lessons on goal-setting, study skills, stress relief, anger management, etc.

High School Requirements

Class of 2017-18                                                Semester Credits

English – grades 9-12                                                                8

World Geography – grade 9                                                      2

World History – grade 10                                                          2

U.S. History – grade 11                                                             2

U.S. Government – grade 12                                                     1

Economics – grade 12                                                                1

Comprehensive Health                                                               1

Physical Education                                                                    4 *

Math                                                                                           6 **

Foreign Language or Visual/Performing Arts                            2

Biology (Life Science)                                                               2

Earth Science                                                                             2

Electives                                                                                    11


44 total credits

Complete 30 hours of community service

* Physical performance test must be passed by 10th grade, or 4 years of PE is required (beginning with Class of 2011)

** Including a passing grade in: Algebra 1A & 1B; or Integrated Math I A/B Fundamentals and Algebra 2B Fundamentals and Algebra 3B Fundamentals

In fulfilling our mission of preparing students for college/career, all EHA students will be enrolled in 4 years of math.

East Hills Academy School Code is 054591




Joe Kreitinger, Academic Counselor

(619) 656-2485


Sarah Maleki, Speech Therapist

(619) 656-5673


Joe Maginn, Occupational Therapist

Through San Diego County of Eduaction (SDCOE)

(619) 656-2485


Natasha Bailey, LMFT ERMHS² Counselor

(619) 656-2491


² ERMHS = Educationally-Relevant Mental Health Services