East Hills Academy Vision & Goals During Distance Learning

Distance Learning, defined as instruction in which the student and instructor are in different locations, does not change our mission or beliefs, only the methods to achieve them.  In keeping with these purposes and given the context of the coronavirus epidemic, our top priority is the health and welfare of our students, staff, their families and loved ones. At EHA, we are caring for the students’ social-emotional and behavioral needs as well.

Our primary GOALS during this time of volatile change are to:

  • Strengthen community through relationships
  • Promote self-regulation, support mental health, enrichment and productive activity
  • Continuity of Learning by collaborating with families, service providers in order to address student’s IEP goals

Guiding Principles

  • Flexibility in Implementation
  • Grace for Yourself and Others
  • Prioritizing and responding to individual needs
  • Grade Improvement Only
  • Asynchronous First
  • Keep it Simple
  • Use What You Know
  • Consider Students Ease of Access
  • Learn Collaboratively