FREE Heart Screening

Youth ages 12 to 25 are invited to get a free heart screening on Sunday, October 15th at Southwest High School between 9 am and 3 pm. Athletes should especially consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

The screening is offered by the Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation, which has screened over 23,000 teens for heart abnormalities that put about 1 in 300 students at risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest – a leading cause of death under 25, and the #1 killer of student athletes. Heart screenings are not a part of annual checkups or pre-participation sports physicals, even though most heart conditions have no warning signs or unrecognized symptoms– which is why Eric’s Foundation screens for free.

Parents simply register at epsavealife.org/register/ to download a screening packet that you complete and bring to the event. Walk-ins are also accepted and paperwork is available onsite if online registration is not possible. Screenings take less than an hour. Parents don’t need to be present for youth who have a signed and completed screening packet.

Students wear a t-shirt, sweat pants or sports shorts to the screening. Girls wear a sports bra (no metal wires). Please bring a self-addressed stamped envelope in which a copy of your child’s EKG will be mailed back to you to add to their medical records.

We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to screen your teen’s heart on October 15th!


East Hills Academy ELAC Meeting

Friday, September 1, 2017 at 10:30 am

in the Conference Room


  1. Review purpose of ELAC
  2. Form EHA- ELAC Committee
    1. Pass out sign in sheet
    2. Voting
  1. Review 4 Responsibilities as defined by the state

iPad and Lenovo Documents 2017-2018


iPad-agreement-17-18 English

iPad-use 17-18 English

iPad Care 17-18 English

theft-loss-damage 17-18 English

board-policy-materials English

Opt Out 17-18 English


iPad-agreement-17-18 Spanish

iPad-use 17-18 Spanish

iPad Care 17-18 Spanish

theft-loss-damage 17-18 Spanish

board-policy-materials Spanish

Opt Out 17-18 Spanish


Laptop Documents Link that provides access to the following documents:



Documents that require parent/guardian signature

Student Parent HS Mobile Device Agreement page

Documents for parents/guardians and students to read

High School Mobile Device Usage Policies

High School Mobile Device Theft-Loss-Damage

Laptop Documents Link that provides access to the following documents in Spanish:



Documentos que requieren firma del padre o tutor

Acuerdo del uso de la computadora portatil

Documentos a leer para padres/tutores y alumnos

Politica de uso aceptable de computadora portatil

Robo-Extravio-Daño de computadora portatil