Welcome Back Parents 20-21 School Year

Below is information of new practices we are implementing at EHA to appropriately allow all students’ access to a Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for the school year 2020-21.

Students in all academic programs will have enhanced access to various levels of curriculum based on IEP goals and student interest/readiness. Students will engage in academic and practical courses at their readiness level across all programs to continue developing their academic, social, and personal skills.  Accessing the LRE curriculum means students will be taught and participate in remote learning with teachers and students from other programs as appropriate for their level. For example, Adventurer students will have access to remote learning rotations with Navigator teachers and students. Navigator students will have access to remote learning rotations with Trailblazer teachers and students. Trailblazer students will continue to have access to mainstreaming classes at Olympian High School once we return to brick-and-mortar instruction as available.


Offering all students access to LRE classes, (i.e. expanded access to various programs school-wide) means students will be accessing curriculum with different teachers based on their IEP performance levels while building successful practices aligned to our Mission and Vision. This allows us to better serve the unique, individual needs and strengths of all students.  As we face challenges implementing our new practices in creating a more robust and inclusive school culture, we request your full partnership as we move forward.


Deseamos informar sobre las nuevas prácticas que se implementarán en EHA para el ciclo escolar 2020-2021 con el propósito de permitir el acceso apropiado de todo alumno a un Entorno Menos Restrictivo (LRE*).

Los alumnos que participan en los diversos programas académicos contarán con mayor acceso a varios niveles de currículo basado en las metas del IEP y en el interés y preparación de cada alumno. El alumno participará en materias académicas y prácticas según su nivel de preparación en todos los programas con el fin de seguir desarrollando sus habilidades académicas, sociales, y personales. Tener acceso al currículo LRE significa que el alumno recibirá enseñanza y participará en el modelo de aprendizaje a distancia con maestros y alumnos de otros programas de acuerdo con el nivel que le corresponde. Por ejemplo, los alumnos del programa Adventurer, contarán con acceso a las rotaciones del modelo de aprendizaje a distancia con los maestros y alumnos de programa Navegator. Los alumnos del programa Navegator, contarán con acceso a las rotaciones del modelo de aprendizaje a distancia con los maestros y alumnos del programa Trailblazer. Los alumnos del programa Trailblazer, seguirán contando con acceso a las clases de educación general en Olympian High School una vez que regresemos a las clases presenciales, según estén disponibles.


Ofrecer a todo alumno acceso a las clases LRE, (por ejemplo, ampliar el acceso a varios programas a nivel escuela) significa que el alumno podrá tener acceso a currículo con diferentes maestros de acuerdo con los niveles de desempeño estipulados en su IEP mientras desarrolla prácticas exitosas alineadas con nuestra misión y visión. Esto nos permite atender mejor las necesidades y fortalezas únicas e individuales de todo alumno. A medida que enfrentamos desafíos al implementar nuestras nuevas prácticas en la creación de una cultura escolar más sólida e inclusiva, le pedimos su completa colaboración mientras seguimos avanzando.


Welcome Back Explorers!

Welcome Explorers to the 2020-2021 school year. We have missed you.  Our theme for this year is “Together Standing Strong.”  We’ll get through this year together Explorers.


Your EHA Staff


East Hills Academy Vision & Goals During Distance Learning

Distance Learning, defined as instruction in which the student and instructor are in different locations, does not change our mission or beliefs, only the methods to achieve them.  In keeping with these purposes and given the context of the coronavirus epidemic, our top priority is the health and welfare of our students, staff, their families and loved ones. At EHA, we are caring for the students’ social-emotional and behavioral needs as well.

Our primary GOALS during this time of volatile change are to:

  • Strengthen community through relationships
  • Promote self-regulation, support mental health, enrichment and productive activity
  • Continuity of Learning by collaborating with families, service providers in order to address student’s IEP goals

Guiding Principles

  • Flexibility in Implementation
  • Grace for Yourself and Others
  • Prioritizing and responding to individual needs
  • Grade Improvement Only
  • Asynchronous First
  • Keep it Simple
  • Use What You Know
  • Consider Students Ease of Access
  • Learn Collaboratively